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Abstract (English):
Legal regulation of public relations has undergone major changes over the past two decades. In the last few years, the trend towards its transformation – «reflexive modernization» – has not only been preserved, but has intensified many times over, making it possible to raise the question of the purposeful formation of a model of emergency management of society. Uncertainty, risk (both real and possible), danger, anxiety and fear as a normal state form the basis of the need for special (exceptional or extraordinary) legal regulation on an ongoing basis, gradually changing society from its psychology to the specific actions of each person. Giving legitimacy to the ongoing processes, the law itself changes in accordance with them, more and more straying to the level of emergency, the reflexive nature of which today is beyond doubt. A state of temporal uncertainty is considered as an indispensable condition for development of a new model of the state management on which literally everything depends. Public relations are exposed to broad correction which is easily carried out under some kind of extraordinary, exceptional, urgent, not requiring additional justi-fications.As a result, what for some time seemed to be the subject of works of the fantastic genre is now becoming an everyday reality, allowing us to talk about a new paradigm of legal regulation

legal regulation, emergency, risk, danger, event

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